You Return to the Guthix Archeoligist and that he praises you for the help

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Pray in the RuneScape gold change you have made and you will need to conquer a lvl 100 Guthix Rebuilder (basically like a keeper of balance) Once this is completed....again another split-screen of YOU praying then (your god) comes in the area, you say"LORD _________(or Just Guthix if Guthix was the god you chose), what a suprise. I wasn't expecting you to arrive until the closing -" split-screen fades. You walk from this tube and get ready to grow up.... A lvl 85 Zammorak Wizard starts to strike you, defeat him and get a scroll slice. Read it" 200 years back the early LORDS of the countries were using a fued amongst each other. From the two LORDS, Zammorak was the very wicked and--" it is ripped at this time.

You Return to the Guthix Archeoligist and that he praises you for the help. He hands you some thing he found while digging around. WOW its the next part of the scroll." And barbarous he didn't care for his guys, Lord Saradomin and Guthix were fighting him together however far Guthix protested fighting him, so eventually..." You ask the Guthix Archeoligist why those scrolls refer to these gods as"LORDS". He clarifies that 200 years ago Zammorak, and Saradomin were mere Lords of small cities till they got involved in the war which claimed lives of over 100 million people in Runescape. Guthix determined that they were too damaging as Runescapians so he left them so they were forbidden to fight or even set foot in Runescape again, and when this happened he would grow and ruin them both and their followers

You move outside the tent and see a lvl 150 shadow in front of you (dont worry you won't have to combat it), next thing you know you are on entrana with the shadow in front of you. . .but currently lvl 200. . .saying please assist me regenerate my body, I will pay you with much thanks. You need to make a clear greatly  RS 2107 Gold defensed but light armor. How is this possible you may ask... well here goes.